Fall Chinook Fishing
Fall Chinook fishing kicks into gear in mid August on the Lower Umpqua. These are nice bright fish fresh from the ocean. The best fishing is done by mooching the bar and trolling tide water. By September and October we fish both the tide water from power boats and fresh water from drift boats. The Upper is fished by casting spinners, bobber fishing and back trolling kwik fish. The state limit is two Salmon a day, with not more than seven taken a week per angler. Our average size Salmon is 15 to 35 lbs.

Fall Chinook on the Elk and Sixes rivers run from about November 1 through the end of December. We primarily fish out of drift boats while back bouncing kwik fish and roe. This is an excellent fishery. Our largest fish boated last year was 45 lbs. caught on a bobber.

Spring Chinook Fishing
Spring Chinook fishing in April and May, just out of the tide water in the main Umpqua can be very productive. Springers are one of the best fighting and eating fish of all Salmon. We use techniques similar to those used for Fall Chinook, but fishing is done on an anchored boat.
Late May through June is the time to move up river and drift boat fish on the North Umpqua. This is one of our most popular trips due to the great fishing and the spectacular scenery.

Coho - Silver Salmon Fishing
The cool crisp mornings of an August Summer start the beginning of Coho season on the mighty Umpqua River. We troll, cast spinners and fish bait from drift boats in various sections of the river during this time of year. These hard fighting silvers have been plentiful the last few years with some days boating as many as 12 fish. This is a trip highly recommended to anyone who loves to fish.

Summer Steelhead

June through September are the months that Summer Steelhead hit bait, plugs and wet flies on the North Umpqua River. We fish out of drift boats during this season. It is an excellent chance to take a Steelhead on a fly, or simply enjoy a gorgeous summer day on the river.

Winter Steelhead
January through March are the prime time months to fish for Winter Steelhead on the Elk and Sixes rivers. Your Winter Steelhead are pound for pound one of the toughest fighting fish around. The run on these rivers are primarily native fish averaging from 8 to 12 lbs, but they have been caught in excess of 20 lbs. We use side drifting roe and back trolling plugs as a rule. Although mud bugs, shrimp and some bobber drifting have been very productive as well. State limits vary from river to river and the release of the native fish is encouraged.

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