Article from America's Outdoor Journal on the Umpqua Bass Show.

Umpqua Smallmouth Bass Show
Show#: 2041
Host: Bobby Forster
Guide: Todd Hannah, The Oregon Angler Guide Service

Special Guest: Legendary angler and champion caster Stan Fagerstrom

Accommodations: Big K Ranch. Excellent local fishing resort. Contact the Big K Ranch at (541) 584-2295 for complete details, or you may call Todd Hannah at (800) 428-8585..
Phone: 800-428-8585
Location: Umpqua River near the town of Elkton
Equipment: Lamiglas 6' Medium Action Spinning Rod; Shimano Aero Stradi ST2000FE Spinning Reel; Trilene XT 8 lb. test line; Stan's Spin Spinnerbait lures; Smoke Berkley Power Grubs
Tips: Cast in and around large boulders, and drift 4" hand-poured oxblood colored worms (other excellent colors include watermelon, smoke w/blue flake, "green weenies", and brown w/blue core) and 3" grubs through well defined deep "slots." Cast and retrieve Stan's Spin spinnerbaits.

The Umpqua is renowned for its abundant smallmouth bass populations. The area of river that Pro guide Todd Hannah generally targets runs through private land and requires permission from the owner to access. There is a strict unwritten catch and release policy on this section of river. Aggressive conservation efforts have enabled 100 fish days to be a somewhat common occurrence on this particular drift, making it one of the finest fisheries of its kind in the country.

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