Green and White Sturgeon Fishing

Fishing the Umpqua River for trophy Sturgeon and Keeper Sturgeon .....These prehistoric monsters can be caught year round in the Umpqua River system. January and February are top months for large White Sturgeon which can measure more than 10 feet in length. Green Sturgeon are also present in the Umpqua river and they can measure more than 7 feet in length. April, May and June are the three best months of the year for catching both the Green and White Sturgeon while they are feeding heavily in the mighty Umpqua River.

Since Sturgeon are bottom feeders we fish with sand shrimp, herring and shad out of anchored boats. We often have to release the anchor to chase these monster Sturgeon. We use 8 foot rods with 50 pound test line outfitted with sliding sinkers and barbless hooks. Each person on the boat is allowed to keep one Sturgeon from 3 and 1/2 feet to 5 feet and the state allows Sturgeon anglers to catch and release after you have tagged your limit. Hooking into one of these Dino like fish is a blast, Sturgeon may be one of the best eating fish you have ever tasted. Sturgeon not only have great strength but it is not uncommon to see jump during the battle.


When you try to decide where to fish for Sturgeon and which of the Oregon Sturgeon fishing guides is the best Sturgeon fishing guide it may be tough to figure out which one to book a Sturgeon fishing trip with. CLICK HERE to see more of The Oregon Angler's Sturgeon photos and you will be convinced that Todd Hannah is the Umpqua River Sturgeon Fishing Guide that you want to book with. If you have considered fishing for Sturgeon on the Columbia river, the Willamette river, or if you are considering fishing for Snake River Sturgeon, take a minute to check out the photos of the keeper Sturgeon and trophy Sturgeon the Oregon Angler has caught on the peaceful and beautiful Umpqua River and you will very likely book an Oregon adventure for Sturgeon fishing on the Umpqua River.




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